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  • Sprouts Maker Kit At bookthewish
  • Sprout Maker Buy Online
  • Bean Sprout Maker Box
  • Healthy Sprout Maker Set
  • Sprouting Seeds Container At Home
Sprout Maker-Hygienic Sprouting Container
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Key Features
  • High Grade Unbreakable Food Plastic
  • Allows Pulses To Sprout Without Rotting
  • Good Circulation of Air In The Container
  • Hygienic And Odourless Sprouting Of Pulses
  • Scientifically Designed Sprout Maker

Sprouting Container - Description

Sprout Maker - Faithful Cook While You Are On Diet
Doesn't your doctor advise you to be away from oily and calorie laden food to lead a healthy living. We here are introducing a revolutionary product for you! A perfect companion while you are on diet. Now you can make sprouted pluses in a clean & hygienic way. To grow sprouted pluses & beans, traditional method has been adapted by this sprout box. Moreover, this sprouting container slowly creates enough humidity for the beans and grain to sprout.

Hygenic Way To Grow Pluses With The Use Of Sprout Maker Container
This healthy sprouting container does not require any additional electricity or power for the grain or seed to sprout. Sprouted beans & pulses are proved to be an ideal food while you are dieting and even it is good for your health. Therefore, sprouting pulses at home is the most hygienic way. It even prepares sprouts in the most hygienic and odorless way. This healthy sprout maker with 3 compartments enables you to sprout 3 different kinds of pulses/legumes at a same time. Sprout box is made up of 100% High-grade Food plastic. It even comes with transparent container with the lid, which helps you to ensure the pluses are safe from rotting.

Sprouting Container - Specification

Dimension Height - 4.5 Inch , 8 Inch Round 4 Pcs Containers, Weight : 408 g
Colour As Per Availability
Warranty 1 Month Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
Disclaimer Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and informative purposes. The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website.

How to Use

How to Use Sprout Maker
Step 1: Soak the grain or pulses which you want to sprout
Step 2: Take out the soaked grain and transfer the pulses into the compartment of maker (Do not over fill the compartment; leave enough room for grain to grow)
Step 3: Pour some water in the top compartment,the water will travel down to the following compartments and will get collected into the last compartment
Step 4: Close the top lid and the sprouting container on your kitchen counter top

Package Contents of Sprout Maker-Hygienic Sprouting Container

  • 1 x Sprout Maker-Hygienic Sprouting Container